Update November 3rd


Hi Karaoke Peeps, As you may have noticed, recently we have been updating the site to be a bit quicker, and in the background updating the engine which runs everything. This has at times caused us a few headaches, but we are pretty much returned to normality and we are set …

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Flashback Karaoke at Paddy’s


Flashback Karaoke at Paddy’s Why have Paddy’s Day once a year, when you can have it every Friday? We’re playing tonight at Paddy McGinty’s Bar in Hastings. So why not join us for a sing song and some great company with the ever friendly Paddy’s people. Check out the calendar …

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Tumbling Up?


We’re certainly on a roll today, you could say we’re tumbling… ok maybe I’ll just stick to the day job then. Another button added and another social media site created giving our users the preference of where they would like to see our updates. If you’re using a social media …

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Can I hear birds singing?


No you can’t. But you can now find us on TWITTER. In our drive to satisfy the ever growing needs of social networking, not to mention our liking of the simple calming little Blue Bird logo, we’ve gone all twits about tweets and joined the ever popular social media site. …

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Flashback goes Google+


Flashback has updated and re-designed their Google+ page and started to link in with their core website. We are building in more functionality and flexibility as time goes on, so that we can bring you updates and keep you informed – whichever social networking site you prefer to use. You …

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New Technical Logo


New Technical Update Logo Implementation This will represent the new posts concerning technical information regarding the website for public viewing. We will always try and let you know if we are due to disrupt the site by maintenance in anyway. But this is unlikely as Amanda will probably make me do …

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Coming Soon….


COMING SOON…. The Links Section, will provide information on affiliates and people we meet in our day to day business who you may find of interest for your event or requirements. Would you like to be listed? If so, please get in touch with us via the usual email, or …

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Pre Launch Testing

Flashback Karaoke’s website is in the final stages of testing behind the scenes and preparing for liftoff we are looking forward to hitting the big red button real soon! It’s been a blast getting to grips with some of the fine tuning of things, hopefully all the work will enable …

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Welcome Amanda


We’re proud to welcome Amanda, the founder of Flashback Karaoke onto the website. She’ll admit she’s a bit of a ‘technophobe’, but not when it comes to driving the best out of Flashback’s sound system to provide some of the best entertainment you can find in the South East of …

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We’re shopping like RockStars… Errr……. actually we are not (Ed.) Just sending a test message to see if our mobile update system is working on the website TTFN xxx xxx